Are supplements effective for weight loss?

Almost 70% of the Americans, who are 20 years or more, are found to use weight loss supplements. Lack of regular exercise or tendency to maintain good figure are the commonly found problems for these people in USA. The reasons of increasing health problems among Americans are unhealthy diet and negligence to exercises. As per USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, if one wants to keep good health, he/she has to monitor fat intake & calorie, maintain healthy life style and stay active.

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Weight loss resources & their effectiveness

There are many weight loss resources and dieting measures, which include diets and commercial products and also over-the-counter products. Many short-term weight loss programs advice low calorie intake. However, most of these weight loss programs are not efficient enough to prove its effectiveness. A few of these weight-loss measures are helpful in guiding physical activity, positive lifestyle changes and healthy diet. The following study will enlighten about the strengths and weakness of different popular weight-loss programs, products and diets. The discussion will also enlighten about alternative to dieting, which can result in not only effective weight loss, but also lead to long-term weight maintenance.

Weight-Loss Products

The products help in losing weight are sold in either over the counter or in prescription. The products include supplements, pills, medications and beverages. It is an open truth that many of these products lead to side-effects and cannot be effective for long term weight-loss. Many weight loss programs that include appetite suppressant, have been banned by the FDA. The rationale behind the ban is the occurrence of risk of stroke.Further to it, some of the pills which are sold over the counter are found to be containing drug ephedra, have also been banned and marked as illegal, due to its various side-effects like increased heart & blood pressure rate, dizziness, stroke, seizure, heart attack, chest pain or even death. Further to these, many weight-loss products are there that contain some types of drugs and such ingredients which can result in adverse side effects or even serious health consequences.

One more weight-loss product is made of powdered beverages’ formulas. These types of products are mostly mixed with milk and often taken as the meal supplement. The product does not help the consumer for a long time, once it is stopped, it will stop its effect. As the consumers rely on these types of shakes by substituting whole foods, it leads to artificial dieting option. These types of consumers do not know how to incorporate healthy food choices in their life styles.

Weight-loss diets

In a simple term, diet means food and drinks. Whether unhealthy or healthy, a diet is either eaten or drunk, as per the needs of an individual. This means if any unhealthy diet is taken in, this will be considered as fad diet. This fad diet may be useful only for short term, it will hardly give any long term benefits to its consumers.

Hence, there are many supplements for weight loss but these supplements are never effective for long term basis. The positive side is these supplements are widely talked about, and so are widely consumed. However, one must know about their side effects.