How to Set Weight Loss Goals for 2015

Most people find it difficult to set weight loss goals. The goals are often based on a desire to go back to 2014 weight loss goalsa previous weight or a number an individual considers ideal. But this is not always the best approach. You have to think about the reasons why you want to lose weight before you can begin to set goals. Some people want to lose weight to improve their health while others want to boost their self image. Once you have an idea about your objectives, you can set realistic goals.

Goal Standards

The goals have to be tangible, realistic, attainable, measurable, and specific. Your initial step should be to establish if weight loss is actually necessary. Some people want to lose weight even when they seem to be at their ideal weight. In most cases, weight loss goals are influenced on what an individual thinks they should look like not what is reasonable based on their body.

Come up with precise goals that clearly highlight the specific steps you will take to attain weight loss. You should not just set out to be healthy. You can choose to reduce your body fat by a particular percentage or run a specific distance. Without specific goals, you sell yourself short.

Weight loss goals also need to be measurable. You should be able to quantify and measure your weight loss progress in both the long term and short term. Come up with weekly and monthly goals to ensure you remain on track.

Great weight loss goals are attainable. If you have a busy schedule, you should not allocate 2 hours for physical activity. Identify a reasonable number of minutes that you can actually set aside to work out. If the goals are unattainable, you will find yourself giving up after a while. When you attain a goal, it gives you the drive you need to go on and achieve greater things.

You also need to be realistic even when you think you have come up with a smart plan and are determined. It is impossible to push your body harder than it can go. Good weight loss is gradual and for this reason, there is no need to push yourself too hard. If you find yourself losing over a pound each week, you are probably losing more water and muscle than fat.

Have a deadline to achieve a particular weight. This will give you some sense of urgency. It also makes your goals seem like a priority. You can give yourself about 12 months to go from 120 pounds to 70 pounds. If you are losing weight in order to participate in a marathon, you can give yourself between four and six months.

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Factors to Influence your Goals

There are certain calculators that you can use to come up with your goals including BMI calculator, height-weight chart, and ideal body weight calculator. These calculators will give you estimates based on standards measurements. For this reason, you should only use them to guide you. It is also advisable to consult a nutritionist just in case you need some assistance to come up with weight loss goals.