How Effective is Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Forskolin is an herbal extract from an Indian plant called Coleus forskohlii. Forskolin plant belongs forskolinto the mint family. It has been there since ancient time and has been used to treat various types of diseases ranging from hypertension, eczema, asthma, congestive heart failure, angina and psoriasis. Forskohlin have been a subject to the modern research before concluding that it can assist in weight management. Here we are going to discuss on how effective is forskolin for weight loss?

Its weight loss benefits have made the herb a subject of interest. Its effectiveness on weight loss is highly debated by health professionals. Generally it is believed that Forskolin is beneficial for weight loss in men and also may prevent further weight loss in women. It can release the fatty acid from the adipose which results in loss of fatty acid.

Little research has been done on the use of forskolin as a weight loss product. The study conducted in 2011 showed that the product can be a valuable complementary supplement for weight loss. From the research, forskolin increases the activity of the enzyme cAMP or Cyclic AMP without even the assistance of hormones. The Cyclic AMP belongs to class called second messengers. It is the most important cell regulating compound AMP enzyme influences the fundamental cell function, stimulation of the thyroid which increases metabolism and also the breakdown of fats in the body.

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In the study conducted by Vitro, The forskolin stimulates the lipolysis in fat cells. Another scientist from the Penn state university of medicine found that the obese people have lower cAMP production than normal. Based in Vitro and the Penn State university college studies, it is theorized that the Forskolin is an effective weight loss supplement especially with the impaired cAMP production.

One study of overweight women noted 10 percent of the forskohlii reduce weight gain. In the study there was no weight loss noted,but also there was significant difference between control and experimental. In obese men, the exact dose result in favorable changes in a period of two weeks. The bone mass and testosterones were increased in Coleus Forskohlii group. It is noted that the difference between the normal weight human beings and the obese is that the obese people have lower activity of adenylate enzymes in fat cell which is rectified upon the weight loss trough caloric restriction. Also, it shows that men have more benefits than the women as testosterone act as fat burner or as muscle preventing agents.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage of Forskolin is 250 mg tablet and three times in a day. The optimum amount of the Forskolin in weight loss supplements should be four percent of the pill make up. Overdose is usually rare, even though it is recommended that any person with cystic kidneys should not take any extract of forskolin as it can enlarge the cysts. Also, people who are suffering from ulcers, they are advised to avoid forskolin at all cost as it increases the gastric acid.